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Feb 24, 2011 20:16
My work place, small Cafe, is in a big department store. I worked there only 3 days so far. Half of coworker are Japanese and the others are probably Taiwanese, I heard. I'm still on training, so Japanese coworker teach me how to work there in Japanese. I know it's more efficient way to teach me, but at first I was a little bit disappointed. Now I think it's ok, because most customer speak to me in English. I'm still working on English, so sometimes I can't hear what they speak. I have to remember all name of menu at the Cafe as soon as possible.

This diary remind me of part-time jobs in Japan. In Japan, I've worked as front desk clerk at hotel, as lecturer for grade school and junior high school student, at patinko parlor(sort of gamble. particular there is a lot of it in Asia) and at seven-eleven. I didn't have any experience at Cafe before I came here, so I'm very interested about it. Someday, I hope I can make a latte-art. So, my work place is okay with me for the time being. Also, I'm wondering if I should find one more job. It will be 1 or more months later.

Thank you for your time(。・ω・)ノ゙
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