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Feb 15, 2011 18:11
1 weeks later, one of my roommate lost her laptop. Now I know the criminal. It's my new Canadian roommate. It happened early January. That day I went to language school, and when I went back home I know what was happened. He was not there at the moment, and one of another Canadian roommate was suspected about it(somehow, I wasn't suspected by her. I guess it's because she like Japanese). I was so sorry to hear it, but I couldn't do anything.
We changed our mind due to the bad problem, and moved to another place to live. To be honest, I was very surprised, because all my roommates took action so fast. 1 week later since the trouble, I was a only one resident at the room. Yeah, they acted so fast like they vanished.
2 days later since other roommates went away, one of my roommate told me the owner said we have to move by tomorrow morning. I already find a new apt to live, but my room was available from February first. I got a one more trouble, but I didn't surprise about it, cos I knew the apt was so bad at that time. I'm sure I was in difficult a little bit. I carried my stuffs(2 big suitscases) to my friend house and stayed Czech roommate's friends house for one night. She really helped me, I had a lot of trouble with the apt, but I appreciate I could meet her.
From next day, I began to stay shared house I found on craigslist until my new room become available.

So, it was happened. Suddenly one guy sent me email for letting me know who was criminal of stolen laptop. At first, he only let me know my new Canadian roommate stole the laptop, and post advertisement on cragslist for sale. I was so confused, cos many things was happened that 1 week. First of all, I told the roommate who is stolen her laptop about it, and she sent email to the strange guy. But he didn't reply the massage. In his last email, he just said you should give it back by buying it. I waited his reply, but now I regret about it. I failed to buy it back due to my late action.

Oh, I have to explain who is the strange guy. I got some email after long time he didn't reply email. He said he is in Toronto(so much far from Vancouver), and he know the criminal a lot, because somehow he can know the criminal's hotmail account and password. The criminal have stayed the guy's house for some days, so the guy wasn't stolen anything he have. The guy let me know the criminal also had acting bad in Toronto. That's why he came to Vancouver. The guy get mad for my late acting, because the criminal will make a lot of other trouble in Vancouver. I'm very sorry I was very stupid. Now the guy don't reply my email, so I can't know who he really is...