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May 11, 2013 19:48
When I watch a movie that's about family, I always shed a tear. Like after the mother's death the father and the children are left and get over the sallow, father's accident and got mentally or physically handicaps and anythings like those. I wonder my tear is genuine or not. In fact I'm under those situation I mentioned right above, in my case, that was my father. But I can't play as his child like the actor or actress on those movies. I work far from my home town, but still if I intend to go see my father, I can do that. Only once every two month, I go back to my home town and see my father. He have got mentally and physically handicap, in other word, hid brain's half dead. Every time I go see my father, I don't know what I should talk with my father. He's different from the past. His hand was really big and get sunburned when he was fisherman, but now smaller than me. His face also got thin and like grandpa. Because of those, I always don't know what should I do for father. It past 2 years from the accident, but still I can't get the answer.