Changed my mind

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Sep 10, 2011 14:55
I changed my mind and decided to look for a job.
This is long story. On this January, my father hit his head during his working on ship, my father was fisherman, and his brain partly died. I don't know how to say this symptom in English exactly, but my father looks like a old person who can barely memorize things and only remember past things. Fortunately, he still remember me, but it's me 5 years ago. I'm 22 years old, but he think I'm still high school student.
Of the above reasons or something else, I changed my mind and decided to look for a job. Before I made the decision, I prepared to go to graduate school in abroad. Thinking back now, the plan was not realistic. If I go to graduate school in abroad, it would cost $3,000 a year, and I wanted to study for 2 years. I was going to be suffered from the debts in the future.

Now, I want to ask you guys about my opinion. Is this just to escape from my reality?? I didn't make this decision reluctantly, because still I can go to graduate school in the future by my earned money. Moreover, if I go to graduate school, master degree is not valued by company in Japan besides the posts that require professional knowledge.

I'm waiting your comment..