About global warming.(It's old topic though XD)

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Aug 25, 2011 14:24
To begin with, I think the theory of global warming is untrue. Most climate scientists seemingly agree with this theory, and most people all over the world seem to believe the theory. I was also used to believe in this theory, that is, if we used lots of electricity, the carbon dioxide that we generated using home appliances would contribute to global warming. After I watched a documentary on Youtube, I got to know how climate change issues were related with businesses.
In the documentary I watched, I could know carbon dioxide were not related with global warming at all, moreover, the scientists on the documentary said the temperature would become low when there were lots of carbon dioxide on the air, provided by some researches. In addition, nowadays, the businesses that are related with the climate change issues, such as some kind of research, and home appliance productions: as you know environmentally friendly productions are much more popular than the ones are not.
If we have choice when we buy home appliances, most people would buy environmentally friendly products for sure. Now, that’s is the point why the climate change issues are related with business. Actually thanks to the issues, lots of productions were bought by the people who were care about environment issues instead of old products that generated more carbon dioxide than the new ones.
To sum up, it appears obvious that the climate change issues are deeply related with businesses, and if climate scientists say the gradual theory of global warming is wrong, lots of people would lose their job. Sometimes truth is distorted by some people who get benefit from those, although I'm not sure whether the global warming theory is untrue or not. Accordingly, we have to considerate things by ourselves, and not sentimental augment.