To be alone when get old

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Aug 25, 2011 11:00
I realized there were lots of people who were seemingly alone in Vancouver. At Cafe, Beach and Food Court, they just sat there at bench, doing nothing. Most of the people were old. Perhaps they were waiting someone, or perhaps they just sat there, having nothing to do. However, these scenes can be seen not only in Vancouver, but also in Japan.
When people get old and quit their job, in addition if they don't have family to live with together, the old people would be alone for sure. However, in terms of old people who live in Vancouver they are more friendly and more active than those people in Japan. For instance, lots of old people often go to Church, Beach and Cafe and talk with someone else, both their friends and strangers. It seems that they still have opportunities to make new friends. While in Japan, if old people who live alone don't have any friends, they would just stay at home and watching TV or something.
Therefore, people in Japan place more values on their families through their lives than the people in Vancouver, I think. Nevertheless, it seems that there are more lonely old people in Japan, because I saw more old people who laughed outside in Canada than in Japan.