English Brain and Japanese Brain

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Aug 23, 2011 08:25
I don't actually know whether I'm correct naming it as "English Brain" and "Japanese Brain", but I'm sure that you guys can understand what I'm talking about here.
To begin with, how do you think that there are lots of people who can't work out these language's sentences quickly, even though they have been in these country: I mean if they are not Japanese, in Japan, and vice versa. Those people tend to have something in common, for example, hanging out with only not native friends from same country. Even though they are immigrants to these country, actually there are lots of people who can't speak its public language(I realized it in Canada).
Well, this would be very long. Okay, long story short, my point is if we think in these languages and keep trying to work out sentences, like speaking and writing, we could be like native speaker I guess, except for pronunciation. Sorry for this rambling idea >< I was just wondering about it(´・ω・`)
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