Credit Card Fraud

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Dec 28, 2013 22:52
My company became a victim of a credit card fraud.
My company’s card, with which we have paid to our suppliers, have been used for more than 40 unrecognized payments.
The card was used not only online but also at physical commercial places, like McDonalds.
The criminal seems to have a system to make a fake card.
The card fraud has happened to my company many times in this year.
News reports that the customer credit card information of a big supermarket chain, Target had been stolen.
The news told that the most of credit card frauds are compensated, but the debit card fraud is not compensated.
I usually pay by debit card.
I will change the password and make a new bank account to transfer the money from my bank account, from which my debit card payment is withdrawn in order to avoid being involved in a fraud.