B Grade Groumet in Seattle

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Jun 24, 2013 08:18
During staying at Seattle for my business trip last week, I found a B grade gourmet restaurant.
It was located in a middle of the downtown.
The name of the restaurant was “Osaka Teriyaki”, which sounded little bit odd for me.
The outlook of the restaurant was shabby and dirty.
Inside of the restaurant was the same as outlook, but there were a lot of customers.
I decided to eat at the restaurant, because I was alone, very hungry, and didn’t have much time for lunch.
I ordered “Chicken Teriyaki” for six dollars.
The meal was served on one big plate, half of it was lettuces with white dressing and half of it was Japanese steamed rice covered with a lot piece of teriyaki chickens.
The chickens were grilled just right with a little burnt part, which made them crispy.
The teriyaki sauce was well harmonized with sweetener and soy sauce, which was not sophisticated but good for B grade gourmet.
The steamed rice was Japanese sticky and sweet one.
The dressing of lettuces was a good original flavor.
I enjoyed a B grade gourmet lunch in Seattle.