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Feb 27, 2015 18:22
When I came home last night, some strange sound came from the inside house.
I found that the kitchen was flooded.
I couldn’t stop the leaking because the water came from behind the wall.
Fortunately the other rooms had not been flooded yet.
I called a plumber near our house but they didn’t have anybody to send to my house.
Then, I called to the landowner.
The land owner couple rushed to my house.
The husband stopped the water system of the house first.
The wife looked for a plumber, but she couldn’t find a plumber available immediately.
She booked a plumber next day.
Then we dried the floor with mops together, which took about one hour.
I couldn’t use water during the night.
I drank beer instead of water and slept well thanks to the good exercise.
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