Complicated Toll Road System in LA

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Oct 24, 2013 19:58
I received a letter from a rental car company, which noticed that my friend who had stayed at my house in the beginning of this month and rent a car from the company, violated a regulation of freeway in LA.
My friend seemed to drive a toll lane mistakenly.
The company will charge 18 dollars to my friend as their handling fee for the trouble.
The road office will charge to my friend later by mail to my home, which my friend registered as their address during their staying in the U.S.
The toll road system in LA is complicated.
A specific device, which should be attached to the car, is necessary to pay the toll.
It means a traveler can’t use the toll road.
The toll fee is different by the condition of the road conjunction or the number of passengers in the car.
I don’t know about the system well, because I don’t drive the freeway during the rush hour when I had better drive the toll lane.
I feel sorry that I didn’t give my friend information about the toll road.
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