Statue of Liberty in Our Mind

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Nov 10, 2013 21:17
Yesterday, we took a family photo for our Christmas card of this year.
It’s an annual seasonal event of my family since our older son was born.
We always decide a theme of the picture every year.
This year’s theme is “Statue of Liberty”.
All of us wore the costume of Statue of Liberty, which I had bought at a Halloween shop online.
Each of us held a thing up, which we are absorbed in, instead of the torch with her right hand.
My youngest son held a figure of Ultra man up to the sky.
My oldest son held a tennis racket up to the sky.
My wife held a bottle of California wine up to the sky.
I held a model airplane, which expresses my tour business, up to the sky.
We could take a good funny memorable photo.
The title of the picture would be “Liberty of the Statue in our Mind”.
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