"I Think " Expression

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Oct 29, 2013 21:09
Japanese people often use the expression, “to omoimasu(と思います)” in Japanese.
It’s translated into English “I think that I want to”.
This expression is used for even a case that we have to express his or her strong intention or mention a fact.
Furthermore, sometimes the expression, “shitai to omoimasu(したいと思います。)” is used.
It may be translated into English, “I think that I want to”.
They show that Japanese people tend to avoid asserting something.
Even I heard that some of Japanese Olympic athletes answered for an interview before the game that “I think that I want to do my best for the game”.
They should say that "I will do my best".
I don’t like the above vague Japanese expressions.
I differentiate to use assertive expression and "I think" expression according to the situation.