Man-made Disaster

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Oct 12, 2013 22:12
Some of the national parks and monuments including Grand Canyon national park and Statue of Liberty will open after 11days shutdown, although other federal government facilities including Yosemite national park and Smithsonian museum are still being shutdown.
President Obama allowed the states to reopen the national facilities with the states’ money.
I was relieved from the news. At the same time, I felt anger for it.
Many of tourists to the US, who had looked forward to visiting those places, came back home in disappointment for eleven days.
Why is this turmoil lasting for such a long time?
Our company handles a big group tour, which will visit Yosemite from San Francisco next week.
They may also be involved in the metro strike in San Francisco, which may start next Monday.
I hope they can enjoy the US without any manmade disaster.