Christmas Gift

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Dec 26, 2013 09:36
The Christmas gift for my nine year old son was a computer game, “Wii”.
I putted it on the side of his pillowcase during his sleeping.
It was a gift not from my wife and I , but Santa Clause.
He pretended to believe the existence of Santa Clause for his four year old brother who believes Santa.
He was excited with the surprised gift, which he had not imagined, because he knew I don’t like a computer game.
I was motivated by the Wii's TV advertisement, in which kids made a presentation about how Wii would be a good communication tool for their family.
The presentation style advertisement must be effective for their target, fathers, who are business persons.
I will not buy a pocket computer game, like “Game Boy”, to him, because it will difficult for young kids to control their time to use.
It may be our family routine to enjoy playing a sports game, like base ball or soccer with it together after dinner.