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Feb 22, 2015 22:29
Last Wednesday, our company held a 50th anniversary party at a delux Hotel in NY to invite about 100 customers.
I made the opening speech of the party as a representative of our company.
It was just a three minutes one, but it was very important to convey our thanks for their business to our company, the reason why our two group companies in the US were merged at the beginning of this year and how we want to contribute to our customer’s business through our service. Aside from the business contents, I had to make the audience conceive the expectation for the fun of the meal, entertainment and raffles, in my speech.
I made the script 10 days before the party and revised it many times, getting the advice from many people.
I was so much nervous before the stage, although I tried to seem to be calm in front of the guests and my colleagues.
Fortunately I could finish it smoothly without stopping in the middle of it.
After the speech, I could devote my self to treat our VIP guests in my table.
The party was finished without any problem.
I was relieved.