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Nov 27, 2013 12:43
In many of Japanese companies including our company, we call each other with their title.
Recently, the companies, which stop this custom seem to be increasing.
I had thought that it was just effective to get better communication among the employees who feel easy to talk to the superiors.
I learned that the system has a profound meaning from an article of a magazine, which I read.
Nowadays, the number of the companies, which adopt the seniority system is decreasing.
The title belongs to the worker’s ability or skill, which is required in accordance with the fluctuate business trend.
The boss position may be replaced with his or her subordinate tomorrow in accordance with a business situation.
In that case, the both workers are able to get accustomed to the position and circumstance soon in the flat circumstance, which they call each other without title.
I agree with the idea.