The Guggenheim Museum

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Feb 23, 2016 11:18
Last Saturday, I visited the Guggenheim museum.
I like the museum because of the following five reasons.
First of all, it’s the size.
I can see all floors in a half day.
Big museums such as the Metropolitan museum overwhelme me with the tons of art works, which sometimes make me feel stress.
Secondly, it’s the building.
The building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most impressive their exhibitions.
Thirdly, it’s the location.
The museum is next to the Central Park, where we can walk around for the break time.
Fourthly, it’s benches.
There are many benches to rest.
Finally, of course it’s their collections.
Especially, I like their collections of my favorite artist, Kandinsky.
I enjoyed the museum a lot.
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