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Jan 11, 2015 18:53
Our offices in NY area will hold a new year party next week.
I will make a toast in the party.
It will be a good chance to introduce myself and convey my management straegy briefly.
I will make a short speech as below,
"Hello everyone.
I'm XXXX. Please call me Ace.
Our senior vice resident, Mr.XXX gve this great nickname and I totally love it.
Ace means number one.
Being number one has a special meaning in our business.
Even in a small market, it's very important to be number one, because it will be a breakthrough towards the big market.
Let's do our best to be the number one in our own individual field
and don't just settle to be the second best.
Let's get together ahead.
Le'ts toast for the success of NY's ofice's New journey in 2015.
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