Aging Tour Guide

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Dec 14, 2013 20:34
Tour guide is very important for our travel business.
Their service affects the tour impression of our customers a lot..
Our guides in LA are aging.
The average age is over fifty.
Some of them are over sixty.
It may not be good for young customers, who come to enjoy Los Angles actively to be welcomed at the LAX by the old guides.
The day when most of them will retire is coming in near future.
We have to find more young guides.
However, the working conditions of the guide are not good.
The days of working have seasonality.
There is a huge gap between on-season and off-season.
It means the income is not stable through the year.
The wage itself is not good.
Although, it’s an ultimate hospitality job, which take care of all kinds of customers.
We have to improve the working conditions in order to hire young guides.