Los Angels Sparks

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Jun 17, 2013 19:42
Last Saturday night, our family went to Staple Center to watch a basketball game of WNBA, Women’s National Basketball Association.
It was first time for us to watch a professional basketball game in the US.
Of course, we wanted to watch a men’s powerful game, but the ticket is very expensive for four of us.
I could get the tickets of good view seats for twenty dollars per ticket with free one car parking.
The game was Local team, LA Sparks vs. Silver Stars from San Antonio.
There were not many audiences in the stadium, about 30% of total seats.
There were no people around us, which made us feel relax.
The game was warmed up with DJ, music and big screen.
We cheered for Sparks with DJ’s Calls.
The players’ techniques were brilliant. although we were not familiar with the basketball.
We recognized the fun of watching a live professional sports game.
We have enjoyed watching professional soccer, baseball, ice-hockey and basketball games in the US.
We’re planning to watch a game of American football next autumn.