Flight Delay

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Feb 17, 2016 10:27
Yesterday, I came back from three day trip to Toronto.
The return flight was delayed by three hours because of heavy snow in Newark airport.
We arrived at Newark airport at 0:30am instead of 21:30.
My kids could kill spare time by watching Japanese anime on my ipad and drinking Coke, both of which I don’t allow them to do in their ordinary life.
After the arrival, we went to a valley parking to pick up my car.
It was crowded with people who were affected by delayed fights like us.
The operation of the parking was not organized at all.
Some of the customers had been waiting for the delivery of the car for one more hours.
One of them was shouting at a clerk about her car key which the parking company had lost.
Fortunately, our car was delivered after 15 minutes waiting in the cold lobby.
We arrived home at 3am.
I hope the delay will not be more impressive for my kids than the travel activities in Toronto.