Beef Jerky

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Dec 22, 2012 22:22
My parents came to the US from Japan last Tuesday for the first time.
They are staying at my house.
Last night, I came home from my office and found that they had bought more than 30 packages of beef jerky as the souvenir for their friends in Japan.
Beef jerky in the US is forbidden to bring into Japan.
I forgot to have given advice about the law to my parents.
I didn’t imagine that they would buy beef jerky, because they don’t eat beef jerky.
However, my parents recognized that beef jerky is typical souvenir from the US, because beef jerky used to be popular souvenir from the US which my parents have received a few times.
They decided to bring them into Japan as if they didn’t know the law.
I wonder if they who are very honest country people can pass through the customs with their porker faces.
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