Death Valley

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Nov 12, 2013 11:35
I'm at a hotel in Death-valley, where I came for one night trip with my family.
I have never been here and had little knowledge, which was only that the valley is enough hot to kill all creatures as the name shows during summer.
I learned that the valley has landscape diversity created by the activity of the earth for a long time beyond our imagination.
We admired the earth dynamics.
The names of the landscapes, such as "Devil's Golf Course", describe the features well and attract people's curiosity.
"Artist's Drive" was the most impressive in the sceneries where we visited yesterday.
We enjoyed driving on the drive with the visual feast including colorful rock formation named "Artis's Palette", which changed quickly from place to place like a ride of the Disneyland.
The short hiking on the harsh area was adventurous experience for my kids. 
The golden-brown mudstone hills was shining like gold reflecting the sunset beam. 
Death-valley is worth visiting.
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