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Aug 10, 2012 22:41
I was impressed with the interview for Mr. Nagamori who is the president of “Nihon Densan” and has succeeded in a lot of M&A.
He talked about the important conditions to succeed in a M&A as follows;
“First of all, I will check if the company has business philosophy like working hard or no layoff.
Concerning a foreign company, I check if we can trust the president as a business manager, because Japanese can’t manage the company.
It’s impossible for Japanese to manage a foreign company that has the HR system and corporate culture that are different from Japan.
Basucally, I’m not involved in the management of the company after our M&A, although I show a direction for the business that they should proceed to.
The synergy effect with us or their original technology that we don’t have is important.
However, they are't important factors comparing to the company philosophy and credibility of the president."