A Lucky Sunday

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Jul 30, 2012 20:03
Yesterday, I went to my office to do the task I hadn’t finished last week.
When I was about to leave for home after working, I knew my car was broken.
I couldn’t start the engine.
I decided to leave the car at the garage of my office and go home by walk, because a mechanic in charge of my car was off on Sunday.
I picked up another car at home and went to Newport Beach for my business appointment.
Thanks to the trouble, I could walk for 2.4 miles as an exercise and I might avoid being involved in a car breakdown in Newport Beach which is 60 miles away from my home.
What a lucky day it was.
If I went to my office wearing sneaker instead of the business shoes, my walking from the office to home would be more comfortable and it would be a more lucky day.