The Hobbit

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Oct 28, 2013 19:55
I went to a shopping center near my house with my sons to buy bicycle helmets for them.
Aside from the helmets, my older son asked me to buy a DVD, whose title was “The Hobbit”, which was produced by the same director as “The Lord of the Ring”.
He told me that it was time to buy it because it was only 10 dollars, instead of 20 dollars last time when he had seen it a few weeks ago..
He added he would watch it many times because he was really really a fan of the fantasy movies.
I bought it thinking it was good for his English study.
After dinner, we watched it together.
I didn’t understand some of the dialogues by the characters and fallen in sleep without noticing.
Of course, he finished watching the movie.
He enjoyed it a lot.
He seemed to understand it in English completely.
I will see the movie with English subtitles again.
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