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Jun 17, 2013 08:07
Last week, I got a Japanese outdoor magazine called “BE-PAL”.
I found that the latest issue featured “nature and outdoor life in USA”, on the internet.
The introduction on the advertisement said that “the big four outdoor towns, Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado, in USA are too much fun!”
The main contents on the add were as follows,
What is the “Glamping”, which is booming?
Seattle outdoor guide for the elegant and rich adults
Adventure travel guide in USA
Outdoor life style in Portland where American people want to live the most
Travel to Boulder which is heaven for outdoor activities and makes us natural-high
The top 30 popular outdoor goods USA brands
All of them sounded interesting for me, who was planning to make an outdoor tour in USA for Japanese tourists.
So, I asked my business partner, who would come from Japan to my office in the US last week, to buy and bring it.
I’m reading it on this weekend.