One Day Trip to Temecula

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Jul 9, 2012 19:17
I went to Temecula with my family on this weekend.
It took one and a half hour drive from my house.
We arrived there around noon and strolled in the old town.
There are 18th-century houses that accommodate shops and restaurants along a mile of the street in the town.
We had burger lunch at a café in the historical building.
I feel sorry that there is no local specialty in many of local cities in the US.
After the old town, we visited a winery.
My wife enjoyed a glass of sparkling wine and she said it was good.
It is said that Temecula is good for producing wine because there is big difference of temperature between day and night.
I regretted I couldn’t try it because of driving a car home.
The atmosphere of the winery was good for my wife and me to relax, but it was boring for our kids.
We couldn’t stay there for long time.
There is a big casino hotel in Temecula, although we didn’t go .
I think Temecula is a good casual resort for adults in Los Angeles.