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Apr 24, 2012 09:53
I went to Angels Stadium to watch a game of Angeles vs. Orioles with my family.
This was the first time to watch a game of MBL.
When we arrived at the ballpark, first of all we bought red t-shirts of Angles for all of us and changed our clothes.
Then we got hotdogs and a cup of popcorn.
Our seats were the cheapest bleachers that had no fear for a ball coming.
The atmosphere was different from Japan.
The stadium was like a theme park and made us who don’t know baseball excited.
After the 3 innings ended, our kids who don’t know the rule of the baseball finished off their food and cotton candy, got bored.
We went out the park before the end of the half game to go home.
It was short time but our kids enjoyed themselves in their way.
On the way to home I knew that unfortunately Angles lost the game.