A Conversation in My Office

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Apr 17, 2012 22:08
When I talked with our American staff, I couldn't find enough words which I wanted to express myself with.
I felt frustrated.
I review what I should have expressed as below;
May I ask you a favor?
I want you to ask the insurance company to make a summary of their lecture to us two weeks ago.
The information in the lecture should be shared by all of our employees.
The contents of the summary is like followings;
What our insurance cover. 
What our insurance doesn't cover.
What will happen to us, if we sign a contract that contained an uncovered clause.
Whenever they have something unsure in their contract, they should consult with us before signnig it.
When you get the summary, please send it to our staff by email.
I will appreciate it, if you do it in this month.
Thank you."