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Apr 12, 2012 11:45
JAL begin service between Tokyo and San Diego in this December.
We will have a meeting with concerned parties in San Diego like restaurants, hotels, Convention Bureaus and so on tomorrow.
We haven’t decided how we promote San Diego tours to our clients.
It will be a good chance to gather a lot of information.
I’m looking for original events and attractions which satisfy the special interest of Japanese people.
For example, “Rock ’n roll marathon” which runner can enjoy marathon and music together can satisfy Japanese runners who want to enjoy marathon not as a stoic race but as a fun event.
Rock ’n roll marathon is very original event enough to motivate Japanese runners to travel to San Diego.
Night camping in San Diego safari park is also a good example which can satisfy the special interest of outdoor lovers.
There is no safari park in Japan where we can camp with wild animals.
It will be an original experience enough to encourage Japanese family to come to San Diego.
Original is a key word.
We will introduce those tours by not paper pamphlets but our internet sites.
We’d like to release as many special interest tours as possible online because we don’t know what kind of tour will be popular.
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