French Japanese Fusion

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Mar 25, 2012 22:32
Last week we had a board meeting of our subsidiary company in our office.
After the meeting, we had a dinner at the restaurant in Redondo Beach.
The name of the restaurant was Maison Riz that serves French Japanese fusion.
The view from the restaurant was splendid.
We felt like floating on the sea, because it is located on the pier.
Many surfers were enjoying surfing beside our table.
The big red sunset was beautiful, although the window was dirty because of bird dropping.
We ordered full course dinner that was called as chef’s choice at $80.
There were six dishes including main dish of Lobster that had fresh texture and flavor with enough quantity.
All of dishes were our familiar taste and there was no surprise for Japanese group.
The staff was friendly and their service was well.
I will take my family to the restaurant for lunch in near future.