Ground Circle 4 Days Tour (2nd Day)

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Nov 30, 2013 21:53
In the morning, we went to Zion national park.
In the park, we switched to the park shuttle bus and enjoyed the scenic drive along the river surrounded by the huge rocks.
We stopped at some places for the short hikes with our guide, which made us feel closely the natural beauty of huge rocks’ various formations.
The contrast of the reddish brown rocks and deep blue sky was impressive.
In the afternoon, we went to Bryce Canyon national park.
The thousands of rock towers were covered with snow.
Because of the snow, our group gave up hiking to the bottom of the rocks.
Instead of hiking, we could enjoy more fantastic views added with pure white color.
We saw them from some view points talking what those rocks looked like.
Then, we moved to Page, which is the gate city to Antelope Canyon to visit the 3rd day.
We had dinner at a steakhouse next to the hotel.
The building was shabby, but the staff was friendly and the steak was not bad.
Live western music boosted the mood.
My nine year old son ate up a plate of the big American size steak.