Japanese Food & Sake Collection 2012

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Jan 30, 2012 19:59
I visited “Japanese Food & Sake Collection 2012” in Los Angeles.
I was curious about the popularity of Japanese food in the U.S.
The event site was so crowded with Americans.
The ticket cost $50.
It was quite expensive, but it was worth the price.
We could enjoy various kinds of Japanese cuisine from casual, like ramen to high-end, Kaiseki.
We could taste wide variety of Japanese liquor, I couldn’t drink it because of my driving home.
There were five programs on the stage.
One of them was the cooking demonstration by three high-end chefs.
One of them was Mr. Nobu Matsuhisa who is an owner of famous Japanese restaurant “Nobu’.
It was fun to watch his wonderful cooking technique with his explanation.
I ate too much there.
I will start diet tomorrow.