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Jan 29, 2012 20:50
I attended a seminar hosted by Japanese business association in L.A.
The lecturer was an American economist.
He explained the U.S. and local economy with the various statics.
Some impressive points of the seminar were as follows:
Consumer Price Index is low in general, although price of some items like energy are high.
In L.A. County, Recession job losses were 351 thousand, but only 21 thousand jobs have been created since January 2010.
In L.A. County, job for education has increased the most by 5.5%, jobs for finance and insurance has decreased the most by 1.9%.
Since people know that high education avoids loosing job, they spend money for their kids’ education. This trend creates the job in private education.
On the other hand the government cut off the job for public education.
Hotel occupancy rates in L.A. are on recovery trend since October 2010.
Migration from California in this recession was not many comparing one in the recession in mid 90’s, because the recent recession happened not only in CA but also in the whole America.
I have known the most of information in the seminar.
However it was interesting to learn them with the statics systematically.