Growing Your Business with Asian Consumers

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Jan 25, 2012 20:37
I took a web seminar hosted by a famous business school.
The theme was “Growing Your Business with Asian Consumers”.
I had been interested in the seminar from the two points of view.
One is the view of an Asian.
What the American economist think of us.
The other is the view of a business person who are targeting Asian market.
The speaker in the seminar taught the strategies for the Asian market were follows:
1.Think collectives(not individuals)
2.Respect traditions yet focus on the future
3.Build your brands
4.Be fashion trendy. Asian women are fashionista
5.Use cutting-edge technology. Asian men are techies.
The strategies without No1 fit to Asian Consumers.
However I think they fit to the consumers in other areas.
I felt something strangeness for lumping all Asians together.