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Jan 24, 2012 19:50
Kodak filed for bankruptcy last week.
A Japanese newspaper reported that the main reason of the failure was concentrating on their film business and sold out other businesses for their future growth in 1990’s.
They followed the basic marketing strategy of "selection and concentration".
The newspaper said that Japan have to learn the dynamism of the US that has been generating new generations from this bankruptcy.
Once the traditional companies are bankrupted, the new companies appear one after another in the US.
For example, ten of most excellent companies in the US by "Fortune", there were only two companies founded before the world warⅡ.
On the other hand , Most of excellent companies in Japan are traditional companies founded before the world warⅡ, like Toyota, Mitsubishi, NTT and so on.
The newspaper concluded that Japan has to activate the economy to create new business.