One Year Anniversary of My Lang8

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Jan 20, 2012 20:03
Today is the one year anniversary of my Lang8.
I have posted my diary everyday for one year without missing one day.
I am extremely grateful to my Lang8 friends who read and corrected my posts.
The number of corrections is over 621. What a big number it is.
I feel sorry I still make many mistakes which my friends have corrected before.
I’d like to return my friends’ goodwill by improving my English.
I started Lung8 since I was informed to be transferred to the US by my company.
Since then there has been a lot of things.
As the cliche goes, time has flown.
I remembered I have struggled for three hours just to hit upon the theme to write one day at the beginning.
I will continue my Lang8 for two year anniversary.
I’d like to thank all my Lang8 friends for your contributing support.