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Jan 14, 2012 00:10
My eldest son watches Japanese cartoon program for a few hours a day recently.
I talked with him to shorten the time to one hour a day.
He asked me the reason why it’s bad that he watches TV for long time.
I explained as follows:
"TV entertains you without doing anything by yourself.
It’s fun. Sometimes it’s OK. I also like watching TV, although I don’t have time to watch it now.
However, too much watching TV makes you passive.
I would like you to be positive enough to entertain people.
I recommend you to read a book instead of TV.
While you read a book, you can’t proceed to read it without your intension.
Whenever you read a book, you imagine something related to the book in your brain.
You are trained to be positive through the reading book."
He seemed not to understand my persuasion.