Short Speech in English

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Jan 11, 2012 20:58
Tomorrow I will attend the luncheon meeting held by our suppliers.
As my boss won't attend it because of another appointment, I have to attend  it and make a short speech about our business of this year in English on behalf of him.
It's a troublesome job for me.
On the other hand, experience is the only way to improove the speech skill.
My speech memo is as follows;
"Hello everyone. Thank you for the great lunch.
Our business is recovering from the bad situation last year.
However it is still far from the level that we achieved in 2010.
The reason for this is because America is loosing its popularity among Japanese tourists.
We are currently facing strong competition from other destinations all over the world.
As such we need to promote america to our clients more.
We need to show them the variety ways of how to enjoy their staying in America.
We would like to increase the number of our clients with your support and cooperation 
Thank you.