The Acquisition Of The Baseball Team

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Dec 22, 2011 19:49
Japanese SNS Company bought a Japanese professional baseball team which has been run in the red about twenty some million dollars annually.
The company declared that they will turn the finance of the team into black in three years.
They said that the business model of professional baseball is the same as the business model of the game on SNS.
They provide their games to their SNS users at free.
However once the users start to play the game, from ten to twenty percentage of them want to play with paid items.
The company assumes that the baseball business is the same.
We can watch a baseall game on TV at free.
However some of us are attracted to watch the game at the park with the admission fee.
Further more they are thinking the result of the real baseball team is reflect to the game on their SNS.
I’m interested in their business ability.