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Dec 11, 2011 21:15
I attended at a seminar which I had happened to find during my netsurfing.
I didn't know the content.
I was just attracted with the title,"how can you survive in this severe economical situation."
It was until it proceeded to the middle of the seminar that I knew it was held by "Nu Skin" which is an American big network business company.
The content of the seminar was as follows;
There are three ways to earn money.
The first one is to be an employee.The second one is to be an employer.The third one is to be an investor.
The first one is risky, because we have to rely on the employer.The third one needs much money.
Now they invented an original supplement for anti aging which is protected by patent. It would be the product which most of baby boomers want to buy.
Once we build our own network to sell this special anti aging supplement, we could be a rich who don't need to work for money.
I don't know it will be realized or not.
However it's fact that there are a lot of this kind of tempting offers.