Perfect Winter Resort in the US

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Oct 28, 2011 19:26
I attended a luncheon seminar about Aspen in Colorado for Japanese travel agencies in Los Angeles.
It was a good chance to know one of the best winter resorts in the US.
I learned that Aspen has various rich facilities and nature for every generation to have fun.
We can enjoy not only diversified ski courses in four mountains within 8miles but also shopping, gourmet, night life and so on.
Whistler is the most popular destination in North America for Japanese skiers.
One of the reasons is the access from Japan.
It’s certain that the flight time to Whistler from Japan is shorter than to Aspen.
However Aspen is very near from the airport.
From the view of total access time from Japan, there is no big difference between them.
I want to inform this attractive winter resort to Japan, although the popularity of ski is decreasing.
First of all I want to experience that resort with our family in near future.

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