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Oct 26, 2011 12:29
One of our subsidiaries became a victim of a credit card fraud.
It was a skillful trick by a group.
The subsidiary found a strange figure in their card usage details and called the card company to ask them to invalid the card and issue a new card.
After that procedure, a woman who identified herself as a staff of the card company called to the subsidiary. She informed that the card company would not suspend their card in order to trap and arrest the criminal.
After that call, she had reported the situation of the criminal’s card usage almost every day for about one month by email whose address was similar to the company’s one but different from the actual one.
One day the subsidiary couldn’t contact her suddenly.
The amount of the card usage by the criminal had risen up to a few hundred thousand dollars.
Then the subsidiary noticed that she was a member of the fraud and reported it to police.
This fraud is under investigation now.
Fortunately the fraud money is guaranteed to be paid back by the card company.
It would be certain that this crime was committed by a group which had a member from the card company.