$6.95 Glasses with Lenses

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Oct 26, 2013 21:13
Yesterday, I watched news which featured how to save the money for buying eyeglasses.
I happened to look for a pair of eyeglasses since my own eyeglasses don’t match to my eyesight, which is getting weak because of my long work with computer.
I have not found a discount eyeglass chain store near my house, which we find in Japan, such as alook, zoff, zins and so on.
The news informed that Costco provides the eye exam at the 30% of the market price, an online eyeglass shop, Zenni sells a pair of eyeglasses starting at 6.95 dollars.
I checked the Zenni’s homepage.
It’s very convenient.
I can choose my favorite eyeglasses from various kinds and sizes at the cheap price, fitting them on my face on the picture.
Today, I will go to Costco near my house to get my eyesight data, which is necessary for shopping at the Zenni online.
It's funny that zenni means money in Japanese.
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