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Sep 18, 2011 19:29
Last night my son and wife were talking about the food which they wanted to eat the most.
That was Ramen which both of them were eager to eat.
Then I brought them to the best ramen restaurant in Torrance for our lunch.
We had waited on the line for twenty minutes before getting a table.
Weh we ordered ,we could choose soup tastes from three varieties, dense pork, light pork and dense soy source, and types of noodle from two, thick or thin.
It is not easy to find such a good ramen restaurant even in Japan.
I added a lot of fresh garlic paste to my ramen which I can’t use it weekday because of the strong smell in the office. The garlic strengthened the good flavor of my soup more.
My son and wife were satisfied with this gourmet lunch at cheap price.