Love Hotel

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Sep 15, 2011 20:09
I happened to watch an online news program in English, NHK World TV, featuring “Love Hotel.”
Since NHK is the stiff broadcast company run by Japanese government, I was surprised at the theme of the program.
It was fun and easy to understand “Love Hotel” for foreigners.
Love Hotel is a kind of accommodations for lovers who want to enjoy their relationship.
It provides their room rent service on an hourly basis.
Users check in and out automatically without seeing a hotel staff in order to keep their privacy.
The building designs of some love hotels are outstanding like theme hotels in Las Vegas.
The room decoration of some love hotels seems like theme parks.
Some love hotels entertain lovers with their facilities like rotating bed, pools, karaoke and so on.
Since I haven’t gone to that kind hotel for more than ten years, I could gotten a lot of latest information about it.