Fluctuatin Rate

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Jun 24, 2013 08:19
Last week, when I checked in a flight back to Los Angeles from Seattle at the airport, I noticed the destination of the flight was San Francisco instead of Los Angeles.
I had made a wrong booking.
I called to the reservation center instead of following a long line to the ticket counter of the airline.
The operator proposed two options, a 9pm flight for $380 and a 10pm flight for $340.
I chose the cheaper one.
After checking in and passing through the security area, I asked to the staff at the airline counter if I could change my flight to one hour earlier flight.
She said that the fight was fully booked.
Ten minutes later, I arrived at the gate and asked the same question to an airline staff.
She said I could change the flight as my request with 25 dollar additional fee.
I changed the flight.
There were some empty seats on board contrary to the explanation of a airline staff.
The air flight fare and its statues fluctuate quickly.