Monbukagakusho examination

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Oct 16, 2012 23:36
Hi! I have a questions about some exercises that I saw in the past test of Monbukagakusho (examination to take a japanese scholarship).
I haven't yet decided whether take the test in English or in Japanese but now I'm studying both of theme. Can somebody help me?

In the exercise is written:

Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence:

1 ( _____) a seatbelt, he probably wouldn't have survived.

A) Was he not wearing B) Through wearing

C) Hadn't he been wearing D) Had he not been wearing

I haven't the solutions. I think that the correct answer is "D" because "A" and "C" answers don't seem grammatically correct but I don't understand very well the verb form used. I don't remember how it works.
Can somebody do an other example if my answer is correct?
And if it isn't correct why?
And why is the verb before the subject although it isn't a question?
I'm so confused... and sad!
Maybe this examination is too hard for me and the doubts are many.
Even if the questions are simple I've never taken this type of test and I so worried...
I hope that studying hard I'll be promoted. I only have one year!

Thanks for the help!